Be relaxed, effective, persuasive, and commanding when speaking to any size group: from an influential Presidential speech, a PowerPoint for an informal small group audience, an impromptu celebratory toast or any audience in between.

If you or key individuals within your organization currently struggle from a fear of public speaking or feel a lack of understanding of the skills necessary to be an effective speaker, you and your team can speak to win. Together, we will achieve success!

My name is Mary Anne Dorward. I've developed a wide range of proven lessons and techniques that will enable you to overcome self-doubt and become a confident, focused and powerful speaker for your company, constituents or the media.

I've shared these techniques with business executives, politicians, not for profit community leaders, humanitarians and many others the world over. I'd like to share them with you.

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If you think you are an OK speaker, Mary Anne Dorward can make you better. If you think you are good, Mary Anne can make you great. And if you already think you are a great speaker, Mary Anne Dorward can make you stellar. As far as I am concerned, Mary Anne Dorward is a miracle worker.

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“Mary Anne Dorward

is a joy and an inspiration to work with. Hire her!

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